Saturday, September 19, 2020


Americans: VOTE! EXERCISE YOUR RIGHTS AS CITIZENS! EACH VOTE COUNTS! Trump and the hacks he has installed into high places in the administration are trying to interfere with your right to vote because they know that most Americans prefer Joe Biden. So plan ahead. Vote as early as you can in person or by mail, whatever works for you. If by mail, use a drop box if one is available to you or mail it out as early as possible. Whatever you do, VOTE!



America mourns the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Justice Ginsburg was truly an American heroine and patriot who represented the rights of the American people against the bigots and greedy oligarchs who sought to trample on the rights of Americans. Justice Ginsburg labored on in her work despite illness and advanced age because she knew that if she stopped during the presidency of Trump/Putin and the tenure of the Trumpish McConnell Senate, she would be replaced by a Trumpish Far Right political hack thus further upsetting the balance of the Supreme Court. She almost made it, and in normal times would have reached her goal, but these are not normal times. We now have a corrupt, dishonest, inept administration in the White House led by President Trump who is compromised by Vladimir Putin and Putin’s neo-KGB, and we have a hypocritical leader of the Senate (Moscow Mitch McConnell) who blocked the appointment of Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court by President Obama, then jammed through the appointment of Judge Kavanaugh (of questionable personal ethics), and now wants to at the last minute jam through the appointment of any political hack of Trump/Putin’s choosing. We Americans must fight to prevent any appointment to the Supreme Court before hopefully Joe Biden becomes president.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020


 Democracy is fragile. It’s freedom allows opportunity for opportunists who seek to pervert it.

The first democracy in ancient Greece was ultimately conquered by Alexander the Great who turned it into a monarchy. The same happened to the ancient Roman republic when it was turned into a monarchy by Julius Caesar. France’s brief turbulent unsuccessful first flirtation with democracy was ended by Napoleon who crowned himself emperor. Germany’s democratic Weimar Republic after World War I lasted about 10+ years until Hitler took over and changed it into the most brutal dictatorship in history. Around the same time, Mussolini turned Italy into a fascist dictatorship. Since the end of World War II, most of Western Europe has formed democracies which have stuck so far.

The most long lasting democracy in recent centuries has been ours in the USA. It has not always been perfect. In the beginning it allowed slavery for a period of around 90 years, and we are still working on the after effects of that slavery. But our democracy has lasted and gradually improved in quality over a period of about 245 years. The original framers of our system of government took great pains to create a system of checks and balances because they feared that a tyrant might someday try to overthrow our democracy.

Now we are facing a challenge. A wannabe dictator (Trump) was elected president 4 years ago by less than the majority of Americans through the inequity of the electoral college and the help of a foreign dictator (Putin) who has used his neo-KGB (his spies) to influence our elections through social media in Trump’s favor. Trump has seized the levers of government to consolidate his power by removing people of integrity from high administrative offices in the government and replaced them with sycophants who do not represent the interests of the American people and who hide facts to benefit Trump (and Putin). Trump’s grab at tyranny has been supported by most Republican senators who fear losing their elected seats if they cross him because many true conservatives have left the Republican party leaving behind Trump’s loyal Radical Right.

To my Conservative Republican friends, in this election put country above party. Once we have removed the tyrant from the White House, next time we can duke it out with a new and improved Republican Party. The upcoming election is the greatest test American Democracy has faced. It is existential for America.




Tuesday, September 8, 2020


Donald Trump: How dare you call American soldiers killed in battle "losers" and "suckers?" How dare you demean John McCain who was captured as a pilot in Vietnam and spent years as a POW in a prison? How dare you insult American war dead. Unlike you, they were patriots who sacrificed for America. 

I did not claim fake "bone spurs" as you did to dodge the draft. I am no hero, but when I was called by the draft to serve my country in 1964, I did so because I am an American. I spent my tour of duty as an army doctor, 1 year in South Korea and the second year in the USA. I was fortunate to not have been in Vietnam, but if I had been sent there I would have gone because that was what one does. 

Also why did you ignore Vladimir Putin's bounties on the heads of American soldiers in Afghanistan? Why are you so subservient to Putin? Why did you ignore reports by American intelligence about attacks on the US elections by Putin's neo-KGB? Is it because those attacks were done to favor your candidacy? Is that why you are acting like Putin's agent, or are you also in debt to him? Donald, what are you hiding from the American people?

Thursday, September 3, 2020


Black lives matter as all lives matter. The killings of Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, as well as many others were equally tragic and equally unjust. Ahmaud Arbery was hunted down and murdered by two armed White Supremacists who pursued him and shot him while he was jogging because he was Black. This was obvious first degree murder. George Floyd was murdered by a policeman who unnecessarily and illegally choked him to death by placing his knee on Mr. Floyd's neck. One might argue what degree of murder, but it was murder. 

Breonna Taylor's killing was certainly tragic, wrong, and unjust, but who was guilty of what? In that case the police erroneously broke down the door of her apartment (it was the wrong apartment and the culprit they were pursuing was already in police custody) without announcing themselves thus waking up Miss Taylor and her boyfriend. The boyfriend who was in legal possession of a gun fired at the door thinking it was intruders prompting the police to fire back killing Miss Taylor. The police certainly acted with gross incompetence and malpractice, should have been fired, should have lost their licenses to carry guns forever, and should have been liable financially. But where is the greatest guilt? The greatest guilt is in the gun anarchy that exists in America, in the NRA, in the notion that the Second Amendment (which is of doubtful interpretation) allows anyone to carry any kind of firearm at will, in  the greed of the gun industry that will promote any crazy injustice that will bring them money. Racial bias does exist among some policemen and must be corrected with police reform, but correcting the problem of wrongful disproportionate killing of Black men needs gun control to complete the solution to the problem for the safety of all Americans. 

Monday, August 31, 2020


The Boogaloos are pro-Trump racist white supremacist Radical Right terrorists who infiltrate peaceful protesters to break windows, loot, set fires, terrorize, and create chaos. Then Trump says that this is due to permissiveness of Democratic local government and that he is the "law and order president" who will solve the lawlessness created by Trump and his loyal terrorists. He paints the gun toting vigilante who crossed the state line into Wisconsin with an AR gun as defending himself when he murdered Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber who tried to disarm him to protect their fellow unarmed peaceful protesters. Rosenbaum and Huber were American heroes who gave their lives in an attempt to protect their fellow Americans, but Trump does not mention their names because that would not serve Trump's political interests.

Trump creating chaos and then pretending to solve the problem that Trump himself created is reminiscent of what Hitler did in the 1930s in Germany and what Fascist dictators have done throughout history to justify their takover of formerly democratic countries.


Hi Vladimir,

We Americans love Russian music, your symphonies, concertos, ballet, and opera. Please, Vladimir, leave your music with us, but take back your puppet Trump. He has really done great damage to our country. Trump has brought us lies, corruption, and disease. So we really don't need him. Maybe you can find some use for him.

Yours truly,

An American Hebrew