Saturday, October 17, 2020


Dear Senator Perdoodoo (alias David Perdue of Georgia).

Ordinarily I would not address a US senator with a nickname, but since you have mocked the name of your fellow Senator Kamala Harris publicly on television, you certainly should not object to me making fun of your name. I apologize to anyone else in your family who shares the Perdue name, but as for you the doodoo part of your nickname aptly fits your words.

Wednesday, October 14, 2020


Is Judge Amy Coney Barrett a vegetarian? I googled that question and found no answer. My guess is that the no answer on google suggests that she is not a vegetarian although I could be wrong. My reason for posing the question is that Judge Barrett considers abortion morally wrong in that anti-abortionists consider the human fetus an independent human being. Pro-abortionists think of the human fetus as a part of the mother and therefore it is up to the mother to decide. Abortion is legal in the USA. The question of when in the pregnancy should abortion be legal varies from state to state and in the opinions of various people. It is also dependent on the health of the mother and the health of the fetus. Many of us feel that if the pregnancy is threatening the life of the mother, the mother’s life should take precedence at any stage. Also if it is obvious that the fetus has a developmental condition that would lead to a severely poor quality of life for the child, that would be reason for abortion.

Now why do I ask the question about vegetarianism? I, myself, am not a vegetarian. I limit my meat consumption, especially mammals, not so much out of pity for those animals, but more for health purposes and because nowadays plant based tasty imitation meat is readily available. However if one were to compare the consciousness of an adult cow or even a calf to a first trimester human fetus, the cow or calf is more conscious, more emotional, and therefore one might say has more of a soul.

Sunday, October 11, 2020


The Republicans have recently accused the Democrats of daring to consider “packing” the Supreme Court if the Republican Senate and President push through Radical Right Judge Amy Comey Barrett to replace Liberal Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in the last moments before the lame duck Republican President and Senate leave office (assuming the upcoming election brings in Joe Biden as President and a majority of Democrats in the Senate). The fact is that the Republican Senate hypocritically blocked President Obama from replacing Justice Scalia with Judge Merrick Garland about one year before the end of Obama’s presidency and is now pushing through Judge Barrett in the last days of Trump’s presidency and the present Senate using the exact opposite logic in each case because one logic suited them then and the opposite now. It is pure politics without regard to the will of the American people. Now the Republicans complain that Biden and Harris will not answer whether they will pack the Court if elected. But actually there is no reason why Biden or Harris should answer that hypothetical question which is phrased in terminology to make them look bad before the election. Actually the Republicans have packed the Supreme Court and want to continue packing it now because the polls favor the Democrats in the upcoming election. If the Republican packing succeeds, the Supreme Court will have 6 judges on the Right and only 3 on the Left. The remedy to this unbalanced Court would be for the Democrats to change the size of the Supreme Court by adding 3 more judges and appoint liberal judges to take those positions after the Democrats take office, thus making it 6 tending one way and 6 tending the other way. There is nothing in the Constitution that sets the number of Supreme Court justices, and historically it has been changed in the past.

Thursday, October 8, 2020


A violent radical Right-Wing terrorist group called the Wolverine Watchmen was discovered and arrested by Michigan authorities and the FBI for plotting to kidnap Gretchen Whitmer, the Governor of Michigan. That group likes to swagger around sporting assault rifles. They claim that their reason for targeting Governor Whitmer is her executive order mandating the wearing of masks to help curb the spread of the COVID19 virus. President Trump has opposed mandating mask wearing and social distancing because he wants to downplay the threat of COVID19. He wanted to downplay the threat early in the epidemic because he considered that downplay to benefit him politically. The Wolverine Watchmen are one of the racist Radical Right groups that President Trump favors. They consider mandating masks to be an infringement on their rights. I wonder if they consider mandating automobile insurance also as an infringement on their rights. Apparently they and Trump forget that spreading the COVID virus is an infringement on the rights of others around them. Trump was informed early in the arrival of the pandemic in the USA of the danger of the virus, but he chose to hide that danger from the American people (we have it on tape recorded by Bob Woodward). Apparently he thought it would benefit him politically to do so.

Monday, October 5, 2020


 Dr. Scott Atlas (a radiologist and not an infectious disease expert or epidemiologist) is now Trump’s advisor who advocates herd immunity. Herd immunity is the concept that if you just allow an epidemic to progress unchecked, the herd (community) will develop enough immune survivors to control the epidemic. So now President Trump (who does not do mask wearing and social distancing and who has discouraged others from practicing those measures) has himself become infected with COVID19 and has been hospitalized for that disease. Welcome Mr. President to the herd.

Saturday, October 3, 2020


America is the land of opportunity. It is that opportunity that has attracted immigrants from all over the world for many years. But that American opportunity has been incomplete when unfettered to the point of allowing social and economic injustice. That injustice was seen in the sweat shops of a century ago and taken to the extreme in the slavery that existed in the South before the Civil War. The after effects of that slavery persisted after the Civil War and have been slow to end. Although diminished, they persist in varying degrees to the present. Economically many of the wealthiest Americans desperately want to maximize their wealth as much as possible in relation to their fellow Americans and are willing to take any measures including the suppression of democracy to retain that maximization. Inequities are not just economic. Some Americans desperately feel the need to retain the social position given to them because of their race, religion, or country of origin of their ancestors and are willing to suppress the rights of their neighbors to retain that social position.

In the upcoming election, President Trump has been enabled to lie and cheat because he represents a shrinking radical right minority who wish to retain out of control economic and social advantages. Joe Biden in the primary election defeated and then reached agreement with the farther left faction of his party who tried to get ahead of the reality of this point in time. Biden represents the realistic centrism that can pull America together today. VOTE FOR JOE BIDEN FOR PRESIDENT AND KAMALA HARRIS FOR VICE PRESIDENT! Most important, VOTE! VOTE EARLY! VOTE IN WHICHEVER WAY WORKS BEST FOR YOU! MAKE SURE YOUR VOTE IS RECEIVED AND COUNTED! IF WE STICK TOGETHER IN THIS CRUCIAL ELECTION, WE CAN DUKE OUT OUR DIFFERENT IDEAS IN THE NEXT ELECTION.

Friday, October 2, 2020


It is now reported that President Trump, Melania Trump, and Hope Hicks have tested positive for COVID19. What did they expect when they pack together without masks like sardines to make his rallies look big? Trump’s false narrative that face masks and social distancing are not necessary has come back to bite him. How many other people who attended the rallies have contracted the virus? We know that one of his ardent supporters, Herman Cain, died of coronavirus after attending one of Trump’s rallies.