Wednesday, September 30, 2020


The first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden occurred yesterday evening. In my opinion, Biden was the obvious winner and Trump was the loser. Trump from the onset had a melt-down, loudly spewing lies and nonsense and constantly interrupting both Biden and the moderator, Chris Wallace of Fox News. Trump showed himself to be a loud-mouth, fowl mouth, unhinged bully. Biden presented himself as presidential, honest, and competent. Biden’s best moments were when he ignored Trump, looked directly at the camera, and spoke to the American people. Trump’s actions were most likely the way he ordinarily is but amplified by fear that he is so behind in the polls that his artificial advantages due to the Electoral College and using his presidential levers of power to suppress voting (for example damaging the United States Postal Service to suppress mail-in voting) might be overcome by reality. Trump’s fear is most likely heightened by the knowledge that his personal financial crimes committed both before and during his presidency are coming to light and he will lose the ability to protect himself by using the powers of the presidency.

Monday, September 28, 2020


President Trump, I have a few questions for you.

1.    What are you hiding in the tax returns that you refuse to make public? I know you say you can’t release them because you are under audit. But that is a lie. Being under audit does not prevent a person from releasing tax returns. And, by the way, why are you under audit? Does it have something to do with the fact that you claim to have successfully made so much money in business before you became president and would use that business ability to improve the American economy? But actually it is now known that you paid very low amounts in taxes, lower than most average Americans, lower than many undocumented immigrants whom you deride? Donald, you can’t have it both ways, high income to the banks when you want to borrow money and low income to the US Treasury when you are called to pay your fair share of taxes. When you don’t pay your fair share of taxes, the rest of us Americans have to pay more (in taxes or loss in services) to make up the difference.

2.    Why are you so subservient to Vladimir Putin? Why do you prefer information from Putin’s neo-KGB over the American intelligence agencies? Why did the neo-KGB hack American computers and use social media to influence the 2016 election in your favor and are doing it again in the upcoming 2020 election.? Do you owe Putin something? Did he give or lend you money? Does that not indicate that you might show him and his country preferential treatment to the detriment of the interests of America?

3.    Why do you prefer foreign dictatorships (like Russia and Turkey) over our democratic allies in Western Europe? Do you have or seek financial interests in those dictatorships? Do they give you money? Or is it just that you aspire to transforming America into a dictatorship under you?

4.    Why did you sweep the seriousness of the COVID pandemic under the rug early in the pandemic? We know you knew about it because Bob Woodward recorded your admission when he interviewed you. At the same time you were telling the American people it was not serious. We know that is true because we heard you say that on television. Hiding the seriousness of the pandemic resulted in many more deaths in the USA than in other developed countries. That showed a lack of empathy for the American people, but wasn’t that also stupid?

5.    There are many more questions that could be asked about your shady, treasonous, and bigoted actions, but the list could go on and on. So for the moment let’s stop here.

Sunday, September 27, 2020


I recommend Michael Cohen’s book, DISLOYAL. Mr. Cohen was a loyal lawyer and fixer for Donald Trump before he became president, during his 2016 presidential campaign, and during the early years of Trump’s presidency. The FBI seized materials from Cohen’s office and hotel room in April 2018 which documented his guilt in tasks done in the service of Trump. When it became obvious that Cohen would be indicted for those illegal tasks, Trump dumped Cohen and distanced himself from Cohen, leaving Cohen to take the consequences for the crimes which Trump directed Cohen to commit. Then Cohen turned against Trump, admitted his own guilt as well as those of Trump. Why did he turn against Trump? One obvious factor was that Trump did not return the loyalty that Cohen had shown to Trump. Another important factor was that his wife and children had all along disagreed with Cohen’s service to Trump and Trump’s corruption. Cohen admits his own guilt and agrees that his punishment was deserved. Perhaps Cohen had an epiphany as part of his reason. So what caused Cohen to do the crimes he did in the service of Trump? I can’t know independently what was in Cohen’s head. I can only read what Cohen said in his book. In the book, Cohen goes into detail about how he became enamored with glitter and power. In that way the book not only exposes Trump’s selfishness, narcissism, lack of empathy, and lack of morality. It also explores Cohen’s own complicity and how a person can be drawn into immorality by the glitter of power.

Saturday, September 26, 2020


We are now in the time period between Rosh Hashonah (the Jewish New Year) and Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement). It is said (figuratively) that one’s fate for the year is written on Rosh Hashonah and sealed on Yom Kippur. This year is particularly significant for our country, and since we are Americans, for each of us personally. More than 200,000 Americans have died from COVID giving our country the highest death toll in the world. I wish I would not have to insert politics into religion, but this year I pray that in the upcoming election Joe Biden will be elected to bring sanity and honesty back to the USA. I also pray that we elect senators with integrity who will support the important measures that Biden will have to implement to bring back honesty and civility to America and end the chaos of the past 4 years. We also honor the memory of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg who will go down in history as one of the great judges of the Supreme Court. I wish a healthy and good year for all people of all religions and races here in America (citizens and residents) and people all over the world.

Friday, September 25, 2020



My father completed dental school in the 1920s. My parents married in 1929, the year the Great Depression began. The 1930s were difficult years to build a dental practice. In addition to the Depression, there was antisemitism and an oversupply of dentists in the neighborhood where his practice was located. Then World War II began. My father was by then past the draft age. He heard that there was a need for dentists in the suburbs. He started an office at the almost southernmost point in Chicago about half a block from the corner where Chicago and 2 suburbs, Riverdale and Dolton came together. The Riverdale-Dolton community was a steel mill community. The inhabitants at that time were mainly steel mill workers and people who serviced steel mill workers. The inhabitants were also White. After the war a suburb called Altgeld Gardens was developed nearby. Most of the inhabitants of Altgeld Gardens were Black. There was a significant anti-Black sentiment in Riverdale-Dolton. The Whites there feared the Blacks would move into their community. Because of the anti-Black sentiment, my father would lose most of his patients if he took Black patients. On rare occasions when a Black patient came to his office with an emergency (like a bad toothache), he would tell the patient to come to the back door at night and he would usher them in with no one looking. My father had to risk losing a profitable practice in order to do the right thing. If the law would have forced professionals to provide service to all Americans without prejudice, he would not have had to risk his income including the ability to send my brother and me through medical school to provide the ethical service for which he worked so hard.

Tuesday, September 22, 2020


I used to consider myself an Independent who leaned more to the Democratic Party. Actually, the first party in which I ever registered was the Republican Party when I lived in Illinois because I wanted to vote for the nomination of a Republican candidate named Anderson. When I arrive in the voting booth the candidates were not listed, only the names of the electors. I had to step out of the voting booth and ask the judges which elector represented Anderson. My only reply was from a Democratic judge who took me far away from the voting booths to inform me which elector was for Anderson. Apparently, Thompson, the head of the Republican party in Illinois, favored Ronald Reagan. The faithful were informed which elector to vote for. Us Andersonites were not.

I understand the argument of ethical conservative Republicans that our country attracts immigrants because of its equal opportunities for advancement without guarantees. The Republican Party of Abraham Lincoln in the 1860s was the party that ended slavery. As a Democrat, I also believe that a wealthy country like ours should provide a safety net for those less fortunate. I also have noted that opportunity in America is not always equal or self-made. Wealth is often obtained by inheritance or sheer luck. Opportunities are often given prejudicially based on one’s religion, race, ancestry, or country of origin. I am not a socialist. I understand that everything can not be exactly the same for everyone. But there should be a reasonable limit to inequality.

In recent years, the Republican Party has increasingly become the party of billionaires to the detriment of the rest of us. They have used various undemocratic means to protect their wealth at times even undermining free honest capitalism by artificially protecting their financial positions. This has finally reached a crescendo with the election of Donald Trump to the presidency and the subsequent perversion of the Republican Party to give in to Trump’s every whim and chaotic behavior, to tolerate his attacks on the institutions of our government, to support his bigotry and divisiveness, and to even look the other way when he colludes with Vladimir Putin, a foreign dictator, against America. These sycophants are willing to discard 250 years of American progress to protect their personal wealth. We Americans must stand up to Trump and his mentor Putin. Many true conservative ethical Republicans have joined us. Just look at all the refugees from the real Republican Party who have sought refuge as commentators on MSNBC.





Monday, September 21, 2020



The Trumpers are clamoring for Joe Biden to release his list of candidates for RBG’s replacement on the Supreme Court, claiming that Trump is being transparent by releasing his list. But that is not true. Trump is releasing his list for purely political reasons to appeal to those in his base who want to destroy the gains made by Justice Ginsburg. Joe Biden will not release his list because that would also be political and would unfairly influence the candidates on his list. Biden should not be drawn in by this trick of the Trump Party. But while we are talking about transparency, Donald, why have we still not seen your tax returns? What are you hiding? Might you be hiding your entanglements with Russian oligarchs (also known as mobsters) and Vladimir Putin? Or your questionable business tactics both before and during your presidency?

Also while we are on the subject of RBC’s replacement, why are you Trump Party senators so willing to jam in a replacement at the last minute before the new president and senate take office contrary what you said concerning the appointment of Merrick Garland in 2016? You guys said then that a Supreme Court justice proposed in the last year of a presidency should be decided by the new president to give the American people the choice. Now you are saying the exact opposite. Is that not hypocritical? Does that not demonstrate to the voters how dishonest you are? Does that not tarnish your reputation? Your place in history?