Saturday, August 8, 2020


Russia has produced some of the greatest classical music in the world, for example think of the great Russian composers like Tchaikovsky, Borodin, Glazunov, Rimsky-Korsakov, Moussorgsky, Shostakovich, and so many others. Russian folk music is beautiful. Yet this same country that has produced such beautiful music has never gotten their act together when it comes to good government. After centuries of corrupt oppressive czarist rule, they replaced the czars with an oppressive Bolshevik Soviet Union that became particularly oppressive under Stalin. After Stalin died, the oppression let up partially. Finally the Soviet Union broke up into what had been the various former Soviet Republics with the Russian Federation remaining the largest. It was hoped that Russia and the former Soviet Republics would now finally get their acts together. The results were at best mixed. Eventually Russia was taken over by Vladimir Putin, a former KGB agent, who brought some order to the country but also a return to iron clad oppression. Under Putin, Russia has become a kleptocracy ruled by Putin and and his crony oligarchs (who are essentially gangsters). Russia has developed it's vast fossil fuel resources that have made Putin and his oligarchs extremely wealthy while most of the people remain essentially poor. Anyone who poses serious opposition to the government is assasinated. The notorious KGB has been reconstructed as the FSB and SVR (equally notorious) which have been active in cyber attacks via social media to influence politics in other countries to undermine democracy and to compromise individuals in those countries. Their greatest success was in compromising Donald Trump and then installing him as president of our country by winning over a larger enough minority in crucial electoral college states to make Trump president despite Trump's loss in the popular vote. What else could explain Trump's slavish loyalty to Putin? What else could explain why Trump listens to Russian intelligence more that US intelligence? What else could explain why Trump has ignored the fact that Putin has placed a bounty on the heads of US soldiers in Afghanistan? What does Putin have over Trump to compromise him? It most likely has something to do with Trump's personal finances. Perhaps he owes money to Putin. Perhaps Trump has laundered money for Putin and his oligarchs in their investments in Trump properties. Trump is very opaque concerning his personal finances.

Americans, whatever your party, we have an opportunity to take our country back from Putin, Trump, Barr, McConnell, and their Trumpish enablers in the Senate in November. We can go after each other again 4 years from now, but this time is existensial for American democracy. Don't let Trump drag us down into  becoming a satellite of Putin's Russia. 






Friday, August 7, 2020


Trump has installed his crony and fundraiser, Louis DeJoy, as Postmaster General, in other words head of the US Postal Service (USPS). DeJoy and his wife own substantial investments in United Parcel Service (UPS) which is a direct competitor to USPS and therefore a conflict of interest. During his time on the job, DeJoy has taken steps to weaken USPS, the service he is supposed to promote. Trump and DeJoy want to impair America's postal service to interfere with VOTE BY MAIL because it is in Trump's political interest to suppress voting in the upcoming presidential election. Personally, I prefer to use USPS (the  US Post Office) rather than UPS because I have found that USPS is less expensive and more efficient than UPS. 

Therefore Mr. DeJoy should not be Postmaster General because of his conflict of interest, and I suggest that if you have a choice you should choose the post office for delivering your letters and packages rather than UPS

Thursday, August 6, 2020


Putin pulls the strings, petulant Donald Doll Trump performs, and Trump's cronies sing their dismal chorus. AMERICA: ELECT JOE BIDEN AND TAKE BACK AMERICA FOR OUR DIVERSIFIED COUNTRY OF IMMIGRANTS, DESCENDANTS OF IMMIGRANTS, AND NATIVES WHO ARE THE REAL AMERICA. Let all of America be the chorus and sing out with a better melody.

Friday, July 31, 2020


Trump falsely claims that Vote by Mail might enable voter fraud. That is a TRUMP LIE. The contrary is true. Suppressing vote by mail is VOTER SUPPRESSION. Voting by mail is particularly important to allow voters to vote from their homes without exposure to COVID19. The Trump gang want to suppress the vote by making voting difficult and dangerous for Americans. Trump wants voting to be inconvenient for his opponents. Trump wants you to risk getting sick if you you oppose him. Trump has installed one of his cronies to head the US postal service to try as much as he can to screw it up. TRUMP IS THE MOST CORRUPT AND DISHONEST PRESIDENT TO EVER OCCUPY THE WHITE HOUSE! WE AMERICANS MUST VOTE TRUMP AND HIS CRONIES OUT OF OFFICE ON TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 2020. MAIL IN YOUR BALLOT AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE. The Trump gang will try every trick to deny your vote!

Thursday, July 30, 2020


Three former presidents spoke at the funeral of Congressman John Lewis today, George W Bush, Bill Clinton, and Barak Obama. A 4th former president, Jimmy Carter, was not able to attend but sent a letter which was read at the funeral. Three of the above were fellow Democrats. George Bush is a Republican. He essentially said although he and Congressman Lewis disagreed on certain issues, they respected each other. Glaringly absent was President Trump. Our petty present president does not really respect others and does not deserve the respect of others.

Wednesday, July 29, 2020


Trump says he never discussed Russian bounties to kill American soldiers in Afghanistan in his discussions with Putin. Really??? A foreign dictator puts a bounty on American soldiers, and the President of  the USA does not consider the subject important enough to discuss with that dictator during discussions? Other issues are more important? Why? Why does our president suck up to Vladimir Putin? Trump expects servile loyalty to him from everyone else, and takes revenge on anyone else who crosses him? Why is Trump such a coward? Is it because he owes a debt to Putin? Is it because Putin is holding something over Trump? Is Putin dangling some personal monetary reward in front of Trump (like maybe a Trump Tower in Moscow)? Trump never criticizes Putin and plays down any evil actions committed by Putin. What does Putin know about Trump that Trump does not want us to know? We need to remove this compromised traitor from the White House. The opportunity is approaching in November. Trump, his servant Barr, and their cowardly enablers in the senate including Moscow Mitch McConnell must be voted out of office. It will be an uphill battle. The crooks will use every trick they have, including voter suppression and the Electoral College, to steal the election from the majority of Americans. But we the diversified American people must take America back from Trump and his gang of crooks. VOTE FOR JOE BIDEN, DEMOCRATIC SENATORS, AND A DEMOCRATIC HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES! America depends on you.

Tuesday, July 28, 2020


William Barr was questioned in a Congressional committee hearing today broadcast on television. The Republican pro-Trump congressmen gave him easy softball irrelevant questions. The Democratic congressmen and congresswomen were more to the point in questioning Barr concerning his suppression of prosecutions of Trump’s guilty cronies while going after people who Trump considers his enemies. Examples of the former included suppression of the jailing of General Flynn and Roger Stone, both of whom were guilty of conspiring with the Russian neo-KGB in their social media efforts to influence the 2016 US presidential election to favor Trump over Clinton particularly in the battleground states of the upper Midwest, thus swinging the Electoral College in Trump’s favor despite his loss in the popular vote. On the other hand, Barr showed no mercy concerning Michael Cohen, Trump’s “fixer” who saw the light and spoke the truth concerning Trump after Donald tried to throw him under the bus. Cohen was allowed out of jail to home confinement because of the COVID epidemic, but Trump influenced Barr’s DOJ to send Cohen back to jail for daring to tell the truth about Boss Trump. Fortunately for Cohen the judge saw through this inequitable action and sent Cohen back home. When questioned by the Democrats, Barr tried to evade the questions and appeared combative. He was clearly uncomfortable because he had no justification for his actions. The Attorney General is supposed to be the attorney for the American people, not the fixer for a corrupt president.
VOTE FOR JOE BIDEN, DEMOCRATIC SENATORS, AND DEMOCRATIC CONGRESSMEN! Throw out Trump and his Republican enablers in the Senate and House of Representatives!